One of our clients does a regular products import in order to update translations on a different store view level. The main problem they’ve faced is that Magento wipes every single store “Use Default Config” setting. So now, to update any field on a default level for a specific product, they have to go to each individual store view and set “Use Default” flag manually. This becomes very painful as the number of products is increasing and there is no easy way to do a mass update to reset that flag.

There is a known workaround to reset “Use default” flag by using a direct database query, but this option is not always possible due to either company policy or/anf permissions, etc and quite often it requires a technical person to do that.

So we developed an extension that allows you to solve the problem above. It allows you to set/reset “Use Default Value” option for any attributes and images on a store level using admin mass action.