Magento Outsourcing

Magento Outsourcing

Use the knowledge of experienced developers to save time & cost.

Outsourcing makes it possible to replace fixed costs (full-time employees) with variable costs. These are incurred proportionately to the output, which improves your company’s efficiency.

Magento is a very advanced platform, and it has a steep learning curve for web developers who start working with it. Sometimes it might be more time and cost-efficient to outsource Magento projects development to experts.

Possible scenarios include:

  • Your company works in web development sphere, but you don’t always have Magento projects and don’t need to keep a Magento developer in staff all the time
  • You don’t have any web developers in staff and don’t want or cannot hire them
  • You want your Magento projects to be executed more efficiently
  • You have very complex Magento web development tasks your current team cannot handle
  • You want to reduce your expenses hiring experts from onshore/offshore locations
  • For small companies this is the opportunity to work with the best developers in the market.

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Why is it worth cooperating with us in the outsourcing model?

  • The same working time. We make a point of adjusting our working hours to your time zone.
  • Precise task management using JIRA.
  • Verified working models. We operate in SCRUM methodology.

  • No language barriers. We offer premium global services, for a global market.
  • Highly skilled personnel. Russian universities are the wells of engineering talent. We look after our employees in many ways to ensure a minimum staff turnover.

  • Broad experience. The internal flow of knowledge allows our employees to solve problems quickly.

  • Before starting any cooperation we’ll sign NDA.
  • Cost efficiency. The costs of living are lower in Russia – you can expect attractive rates.